seagate goflex turbo

Seagate has just announced a new external 500GB to 750GB GoFlex Turbo HDD  drive that comes with USB 3.0 and a 7200rpm rotation speed. However, the more interesting part is that a one-time data recovery service from SafetyNet is included with the drive. Hard disk drive (HDD) data recovery services can be hardcore and recover (some) data, even after a formatting (reset), or physical damage to the drive.

When asked about why it introduced this feature, Seagate told us that their consumer surveys shows that there is a demand in this area, as users often backup precious information on external disks. If a customer is in trouble, the Seagate hotline is the first line of defense, and their technicians even have utilities that would let them check a hard drive remotely (with permission of the user, of course). If they can’t fix it, the drive can be sent to Seagate, then to SafetyNet for a data recovery attempt.

Users should know that recovery is never guaranteed, but going to a service like SafetyNet is pretty much one’s best shot at getting some of the data back (partial recovery happens often). Now, data recovery services are usually extremely expensive (I’ve personally heard prices north of $2000 a few years ago), but the markup for that service, when bundled with this GoFlex, is about $20 or so.

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