If you have been using Google Docs, you have probably noticed that inserting an image can be much more painful than doing a copy/paste from an imaging up. Microsoft Word works like that, but unfortunately, Google Docs doesn’t and its web nature has probably something to do with it. The solution is to build a web clipboard, of course!


Starting from today, Google Docs for Android gets juts that. Mobile users will be able to “copy” (upload) a photo to the web clipboard so that it can be easily inserted to a Google Docs document. The web clipboard has been in the web version of Google Docs since February 2010, and it was originally designed to copy/paste complex objects from one Google Doc to another. This still doesn’t help one copy things from Photoshop or other offline imaging apps, though.

For step by step instructions on how to use the web clipboard on Android, head to the official announcement from Google.

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