Bandai Namco has announced that they they will be rolling out a Gundam-themed navigation app that is available only for iPhone users who reside in Japan. This particular navigation app will enable one to travel from one destination to another, and along the way, experience an occasional random encounter with virtual enemy forces. You will be able to actually progress in terms of character statistics by levelling up while picking up new Gundam Mobile Suits along the way.

Gundam Navigation is a subscription-based app, so you can forget about it being free at the moment. It will burn around a $46 hole in your pocket, and we do hope that it will arrive on other devices apart from the iPhone, and outside of Japan, too.

There is another use for the Gundam Navigation app – which is to track down one’s activities using a digital score card, letting you choose between the Earth Federation or Republic of Zeon for your in-app profile. There will be simulated battles with random enemies along the way, of course, and if you happen to gain the upper hand, then you would pick up some points.

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