Hitachi to halt TV productionHitachi, a well known home electronics manufacturer, has announced that it will be leaving the TV production. It will stop producing TVs on its own and will be outsourcing the work to other countries instead. Its single flat panel production plant that’s left in Japan will be shut down by the end of this year. So while the company won’t be producing TVs anymore, it will still be selling them in the future.

With the TV market being difficult to compete in, it’s no surprise to hear about Hitachi exiting the TV production business. The outsourcing of work could be beneficial to the company, though there’s no telling on how or if the quality of its TV sets will be affected. With Japan still recovering from the March 11 earthquakes (that hurt Hitachi’s sales) and the company reporting a loss in its latest profit report, halting the production of TVs could be its ticket to recovery. In the meantime Hitachi will be focusing its efforts on manufacturing and developing more profitable products.

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