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Hitachi Roku TVs Coming This Fall
Roku today announced that it’s expanding its Roku TV platform and has added Hitachi America as a new Roku TV partner, this means that Hitachi Roku TVs are going to hit the market later this year. Hitachi is going to make use of Roku’s TV reference design to build smart TVs that are powered by Roku software.

Hitachi Creates Wearable Sensor To Measure Employee Happiness
Happier employees tends to lead to better output and more efficiency, but how do you know if your employees are happy or if they secretly resent you? After all some employees might value their jobs too much to dare to speak out and voice their grievances. Over in Japan though, Hitachi High Technologies has come up with a wearable sensor that employees can wear to let bosses know how happy […]

Hitachi Air Conditioner Features 3D Camera
Hitachi of Japan has recently unveiled not one, two, or even three, but nine (yes, nine!) different models of air conditioners for the masses, where these happen to be the ‘Stainless Clean Shirokuma-kun X series’ that will also see a “living camera 3D” installed. These days, when we talk about a 3D camera, we might think of something that has to do with movie making or the equivalent, but this […]

Hitachi Eyes World’s Fastest Lift In China
Hitachi has plans to work on what they deem to be the ‘world’s fastest’ lift in China, where it is touted to be able to hit floor 95 right from the bottom in a mere 43 seconds. Now that’s super fast, and I would like to think that the amount of time you would spend waiting for the lift to stop at your floor in a high density building would […]


Hitachi Ropits Self-Driving Vehicle
Hitachi has revealed a tiny single-seat vehicle called Ropits; that’s Robot for Personal Intelligent Transport System. Ropit is a robot vehicle that can pick up and drop off passengers independently. Just punch in the destination and it will take you there. The vehicle is meant to travel on sidewalks and Hitachi had demonstrated its capability in the city of Tsukuba today. There will be more tests to come.

Hitachi bomb-detecting airport gate prototype unveiled
Ever since 9/11 happened, those who travel by air often, especially to and within the US, have run into a heightened level of security at airports which involves taking off jackets, opening and powering up your notebook, removing of shoes and belts, and not being able to carry liquids beyond a certain level among others. Hitachi has come up with a prototype of a bomb-detecting airport gate, and it was […]

Hitachi claims to have “forever” data solution
If there is a modern day problem when it comes to storing our data, it would be permanency, or rather, the lack of it. After all storage medium changes from time to time, requiring one to migrate files on the existing media to a new generation format. The process is not guaranteed to work, but Hitachi of Japan claims that they have come across a new way to keep your […]

Hitachi launches all-in-one data center service
Just a few years ago, experts said that the future is in the cloud. That prediction turned out to be true after all. Hitachi seems to be headed in that direction as well. As Japanese companies like NTT Data and Fujitsu pushes its support for cloud-based services focusing on server farms and big data, which refers to the huge sets of information generated by websites, social networks, and physical networks, […]

Hitachi Develops High-Efficiency Motor with no Rare Earth Materials
The Japanese company, Hitachi said on Wednesday that it has developed a high-efficiency industrial strength motor without using rare earth metals like neodymium or dysprosium which is found in nearly all other motors. The company is aiming to commercialize the innovation starting in April 2014. The motor is said to be used for pumps or fans at factories or tunnels. Hitachi also stated that despite not using the rare earth […]

Hitachi EMIEW 2 receives upgrades
There is nothing quite like upgrades in robots to excite the robophile in you – although I am quite sure that if you were plugged in to the Matrix, you would have hated upgraded agents that Neo faced if you were not the One. I digress – Hitachi’s personal assistant robot known as the EMIEW 2 has just received its fair share of upgrades, where the EMIEW 2 is now […]

Hitachi ships 4TB hard drives
Hitachi had started to ship the first 4TB capacity hard drives in the world, never mind the fact that no press release was issued from Hitachi to date. According to Japanese site Akiba, someone had already spotted said hard drive on sale, where it will boast the model number HDS5C4040ALE630, going by the name Deskstar 5K. The name does point towards it being a lower performance model that has a […]

Hitachi and Sony team up on 4" iOS device?
Could this be true? Are Hitachi and Sony working together to deliver a new 4″ device that will run on iOS from Apple? Some have dubbed it to be the iPad 4, but who knows what it will be called, perhaps Apple sees the Galaxy Note as a true blue threat to their portable device throne, and will want to meet it head on with a 4″ device of their […]

Japan Display Inc: Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba display merger goes through
It looks like the Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba deal has finally gone through. These three major companies, together with Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, will form a new entity called Japan Display Inc. This new merger will focus on the small and medium sized display business, where they are hoping to give their South Korean rivals, Samsung and LG, a run for their money.

Hitachi full parallax 3D display offers mind bending visuals
[CEATEC 2011] Remember how George Lucas had to figure out a way to film a 3D hologram when he made Star Wars, as R2-D2 played back a recording of Princess Leia’s distress call to Obi Wan Kenobi? I guess Artoo’s 3D hologram playback capability had its roots way back when Japan still existed on a planet called Earth, as CEATEC 2011 is the platform where Hitachi put forward their Full […]

Hitachi introduces its first 4TB drives
In this day and age, having 1TB of hard disk space is barely enough to keep up with the downloading habits of most people, and especially for professionals who editing high quality video and audio files. So it comes as no surprise when manufacturers are now racing to create the largest hard disk drives on the market. Hitachi has just added new 4TB models to its high-end G-RAID and G-DRIVE […]

Hitachi crams 1TB into each platter
Hitachi wants to push the boundaries of hard drive storage even further by introducing a new range of hard drives which are capable of stashing away 1TB of data onto individual spinning platters. This new technology enables Hitachi to churn out even slimmer form factors – something that was not quite possible before, and with smaller hard drives, that means less material used to construct it, and this cost savings […]

Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi merge LCD operations
Mergers often end up with some corners being cut (cost savings in corporate parlance), resulting in a leaner and often meaner entity. Of course, there will be collateral damage along the way, but then again that is to be expected. The latest news that is going around would be three Japanese giants, Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi working together to merge their liquid-crystal display (LCD) operations by taking advantage of the […]

Hitachi to stop producing TVs
Hitachi, a well known home electronics manufacturer, has announced that it will be leaving the TV production. It will stop producing TVs on its own and will be outsourcing the work to other countries instead. Its single flat panel production plant that’s left in Japan will be shut down by the end of this year. So while the company won’t be producing TVs anymore, it will still be selling them […]

Hitachi 4.5-inch IPS display offer better glasses-free 3D experience
The glasses-free 3D movement has certainly picked up to a certain extent, what with stereoscopic 3D capable phones and the Nintendo 3DS having hit the market for some time already. The novelty does wear thin rather quickly for some people though, and perhaps with better technology in the future, things might change and people could very well soften their stance and start to see 3D as a need rather than […]

Hitachi G-Connect: A Wireless Storage + Router for Mobiles
Hitachi G-Connect - Hitachi is just released G-Connect, a personal storage and networking device that addresses a pervasive issue with mobile devices: too little local storage