We have heard about the TouchDroid project, but could the HP TouchPad that you see on the right actually be one of the rare models out there that runs on Android 2.2 Froyo – natively, sans the need for an emulator? Perhaps, according to a buyer of one of those super cheap TouchPads who picked up his copy from Best Buy a couple of days ago.


This has yet to be confirmed, of course, so it really depends as to whether this is the real deal or not. Something inside me says otherwise, and it is most probably a hoax, but of course, hope springs eternal until someone comes up with an official statement to say otherwise.

Interestingly enough, another HP TouchPad that is touted to run on true blue Android 2.2 Froyo has been placed online by HacknMod, citing a price point of around $685 in an auction. No idea on who actually placed a bid at that price, but you’ve got to have deep pockets (and plenty of faith, shall I say?) if you actually put your credit card to work for this.

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