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The folks at Rootzwiki have started Touchdroid, a project that aims at running Android on the HP Touchpad. At the moment, the plan is to use Gingerbread (Android 2.3) as Honeycomb‘s code (Android 3.0) is not yet available to the public. There’s no telling how long the project will take, or if it will be successful at all, but booting Android will be the most important step (obviously).

Some users did ask if there was going to be a dual-boot option as WebOS has a pretty neat user interface (UI).Those working on the project have said that this was not a priority, but they were not against it.Anyhow, this was just started, so we will have to wait and see if the community can lift it off the ground.

The HP TouchPad was the buzz of this week end as HP has dramatically announced the termination of WebOS hardware and its projected exit from the PC business last week. Just after that, HP slashed the price of the TouchPad down to $99, sending thousands of gizmo enthusiasts on a hunt over the week-end.

By now, it seems that most of the TouchPads were either sent back to HP, or sold already. (Infuriated) early adopters have been told that they will get a partial refund to make up for the price difference.

With its death (and the huge price cut), the HP TouchPad has finally reached the success that it never had during its very short life as a product. [Rootwiki via AndroidCentral]

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