The HTC Sensation seems to be experiencing what some people think has to do with its namesake – that is, touchscreen issues. That can’t be quite a good feeling to have, can it? Apparently, a bunch of HTC Sensation users have reported that they are going through some problems with their touchscreens, where the Sensation is said to become unresponsive at times, being unable to register quick button presses as well as swipes. Bummer, especially when you are right smack in the middle of an exciting game and are let down due to the lack of screen responsiveness.

To make matters worse, some people have reported that it will not even register touch input at all, now how about that? No idea on just how widespread this particular problem is, but a T-Mobile customer who already knows about this issue is waiting for HTC to come back with a statement.

There does not seem to be a fix in sight at all, so the question still remains – is this a software or hardware issue, and how will it be resolved? Hopefully it does not involve folks who have dropped their HTC Sensation before prior to experiencing such problems, no?

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