Apple Store AustraliaRumors of a September/October iPhone 5 have been running amok. Some have chosen to hold on to the possibility and the chance that it might be revealed in June during WWDC, but alas they were disappointed which makes it appear that perhaps those initial September release rumors might be true after all.


Well here’s a man by the name of Rob Shoesmith, who’s decided that the iPhone 5 will be released in September and has decided to go all out and get ahead of the queue by lining outside the Apple store in the UK for a month. He’s also banking on the amount of power outlets along with numerous free public WiFi to keep his devices charged and also allows him to do his job, which is as a marketer.

In fact he even left all of his money at home and is banking on the kindness of strangers for gifts and sponsorships. For example he’s been loaned a car, solar powered iPhone chargers, webcams, shampoo, aftershave, candy and even a box of garden gnomes! He also plans to get a security guard who will watch over his items while he sleeps.

If you ever needed a good PR stunt, this would be it. It would be a pity if the iPhone 5 did not come out as his efforts would have been for naught.

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