nsquared seamless computing

It looks like the future of computing is shaping up to be pretty impressive, judging by nsqared’s latest video demonstration of seamless computing. On the official nsquared blog, the company recently showed off a computing system that makes use of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone 7 and Kinect, working together to create a seamless computing experience as users move between devices.

 The demonstrator kickstarted the demo by transferring a message from his phone onto the Surface, which he then worked on for awhile. He then transferred the work onto his tablet which in turn took it to the big screen, and which he then manipulated with the use of voice commands and gestures thanks to the aid of a Kinect. It probably doesn’t sound as impressive in words, but this is something you’ll have to see with your own eyes.

Sure, it feels a bit clunky, slow and could definitely be improved, but if this is a starting point for better things to come, we can’t wait to see what’s next. Check out the video demonstration:

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