Love all things computers, and you live, breathe and eat social networking? Then the NYPD might be your future workplace if you’re still studying, as the New York Police Department (NYPD) gets on with the times by forking a spanking new social media unit that has its work cut out for them. This new unit intends to track potential troublemakers who actually are silly enough to announce plans or brag about their crimes across a variety of online social network channels such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Assistant Commissioner Kevin O’Connor and his staff will go about their daily routines, mining social media in order to check out potentially troublesome information, ranging from out-of-hand house parties to gang showdowns and other potential mayhem. This might seem to be a knee-jerk response to some folks after the riots in the UK over the week, but it is still a necessary – and tedious work. Imagine sifting through page after page of information, trolling forums and websites before you even have a lead to help you out with.

Definitely a job that needs endurance and perseverance in front of the monitor round the clock.

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