Interested in harnessing the power of the sun to charge the various electronic gadgets that you own? If you are, Japanese company Pans might have a solution for you. Called the Nudibranch Tablet (names might have gotten lost in translation), it comes in two variants with the first that comes with a 5,500 mAh capacity and the other that comes in a 2,800 capacity.


If you own more than one gadget and would like to charge your phone and tablet at the same time, the Nudibranch Tablet comes with two USB ports just for that purpose. Unfortunately no word on how long it would roughly take to charge a device, and the other bad news is that the solar panels will have to be put in direct contact with the sunlight, which we’re guessing means it would require a clear blue sky, and that cloudy days won’t be able to recharge the device as quickly.

The 5,500 mAh version is said to take 6-7 hours for a full charge in direct sunlight and is expected to hit the shelves in Japan this month for $99, and $78 for the 2,800 mAh version. No word on if and when it will be arriving to the states.

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