Philips AmbientLEDThe U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has been awarding a Lighting Prize, to any light bulb that worthy of it, since the program launched in 2008. The latest light bulb to earn the coveted “L Prize” is none other than Philip’s AmbientLED light bulb that was released not too long ago. To win the award, the AmbientLED light bulb had to go through some sophisticated tests to make sure that it was durable, usable in practical applications, and functioned well. While those tests may sound easy to pass, we can assure you that the DOE gave the light bulbs nothing short of a major work out to push them to their limits.

Who would’ve thought so much work went into the creation and testing of light bulbs? Then again, with a prize of $10 million, I’m sure the DOE wouldn’t want to simply give it away. With the AmbientLED light bulb snagging first place after such rigorous testing from the DOE, you can be pretty sure that these light bulbs have been proven to work, and they do their job well. Check out the video of the testing process to see what each light bulb in the test went through:

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