Facebook already offers a range of Portal devices that help you make smarter video calls. However, Variety claims to have confirmed the possibility of a TV Streaming Device to join the range of Portal devices available.

The device should feature a camera on board and will let you view TV or utilize Augmented Reality (AR). Even though Facebook’s spokesperson declined to comment on this matter – Variety lists out a couple of things that you can expect with the new upcoming TV Streaming device by Facebook.

The device comes baked in with a camera and includes far-field microphones as well. This should enhance the range of the device in a room. It is expected to be used on top of a TV where the camera works well for video chat service while also enabling TV streaming.

In addition to the rumored specs, it will probably run on Android because most of the other products like Oculus Quest run on Android. So, that will not be a surprise, if that happens. Also, if it is an Android, there will be easy integrations to services which should be useful in return. The current products at Portal already have Alexa support built-in but the new one might feature an integrated speaker – which is a good thing.

We just hope that it does not listen to our conversations. Although the integrated speakers may not be the best speakers but it shall be a decent speaker.

The ability to utilize Augmented Reality (AR) will be interesting and a lot of folks are looking forward to it. Also, Variety has reasons to believe that it is not the only device that is going to launch. A couple of more devices may come up along with the TV Streaming device at launch. So, we shall stay tuned to it.

Are you excited for this upcoming TV Streaming device? Does this interest you at all? Let us know in the comments below.

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