Facebook To Launch A ‘Portal’ TV Streaming Device
Facebook already offers a range of Portal devices that help you make smarter video calls. However, Variety claims to have confirmed the possibility of a TV Streaming Device to join the range of Portal devices available.The device should feature a camera on board and will let you view TV or utilize Augmented Reality (AR). Even though Facebook’s spokesperson declined to comment on this matter – Variety lists out a couple […]

Facebook Portal To Get WhatsApp Support As It Goes International
Facebook has confirmed today that it will now start selling its Portal smart display outside the United States. It’s also adding new features to the device, some of which were confirmed at the company’s F8 developers’ conference today. The Portal and Portal+ have only been available in the United States and Canada so far.

Facebook Employees Caught Leaving 5-Star Reviews Of Portal On Amazon
Last year amidst the various privacy scandals and controversies that Facebook found themselves caught up in, the company debuted the Portal video chat device. It was an odd choice to launch a product that would have raised eyebrows any other day, during a time where there was a public outcry to #DeleteFacebook.

Portal Movie Announcement To Be Made Soon
Earlier this year it was confirmed that a Portal movie based on the game is in the works. However apart from the confirmation, not much else is known about it, but the good news is that we could be getting some of the details soon, thanks to movie director J.J. Abrams who promised some kind of announcement in the near future.


Portal & Half-Life Movies Confirmed To Be In Development
There are probably tons of fans of Valve’s games such as Portal and Half-Life. Those two franchises are pretty amazing as far as games are concerned, but could they also be just as good, if not better, if turned into a movie? The good news is that you will be able to find out in the future, according to a report from IGN.

Portal To Debut On NVIDIA Shield Next Week
There are some games that are worth playing a few years down the road, even after you have successfully mastered it for the longest time already. I suppose that would place such titles under the category of “Classics”, if you will, as these tend to have a timeless feel to them. Well, Valve’s famous title, Portal, is touted to appear on the NVIDIA Shield portable console some time next week, […]

Portal Arriving On NVIDIA Shield
For those of you who happen to own the NVIDIA Shield handheld gaming console, here is some news for you. It seems that Valve’s Portal is currently in the works for the NVIDIA Shield, and as for the release date, no exact date has been revealed just yet although NVIDIA did mention that the first-person puzzle game will arrive “soon”. “Soon” is the operative keyword here, as it can be […]

3D Printed GlaDOS Arm Lamp May Or May Not Kill You As You Sleep
3D printed items have become increasingly popular over the past couple of months as we recently have seen 3D printed guns, gummy versions of yourself and even a 3D printed skull implant. Today’s 3D printed item not only could be considered ridiculously cool for a large number of gamers, but it also doubles as a source of light, making it a complete necessity in your home.A 3D printed version of Portal’s GlaDOS as […]

Interactive Portal Turret Will Track You Via Webcam
We’re sure that many Portal fans wish that they could own a working Portal Turret replica, but unfortunately we expect that would be out of the price range for many gamers. Well if you’re still looking for a pseudo security system, or maybe just want to scare your mom or sibling or pet that walks into your room while you’re out, deviatART user r4di0fly3r has created a PC based Portal […]

Valve shows off their motion tracking Portal turret replica by Weta Workshop
If you’re a fan of Valve’s Portal game, then you’re probably familiar with some of the “characters” from the game, such as the Portal turret. Well it seems that the folks at Valve have managed to get their hands on what looks like a pretty good replica of the turret, but not only does it look good, it moves as well! This was put together by the folks at Weta […]

This 3D printed Portal gun replica looks pretty detailed
We’ve seen the amazing things that 3D printers can do and if you’re looking for more examples, the photo above can probably be added to that list. In case you’ve never played the game Portal before, the image is that of replica of the gun in Portal, or to be more precise, the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. This replica was created using 3D printing technology by deviantArt member, Melissa […]

Portal speed run done in 8 minutes
Remember the Quake Done Quick series? There is really something wonderful about us humans who always make an attempt to break records – I guess it is inherent in us to find ways to be more efficient than ever before, which is a good survival instinct to have. Well, just in time to coincide with the London 2012 Olympics where we know that world records will be shattered in different […]

LEGO Portal set one step closer to reality
Good news for those of you who voted for the Portal 2 set LEGO concept – it looks like the project is one step closer to being a real, official product. Shortly after the project went live on CUUSOO, it managed to get over 10,000 votes and sure enough – the staff at LEGO are now taking the idea into consideration. However, we are warned that this means we’ll be […]

LEGO Portal set could become a reality
Earlier this year, when LEGO made Minecraft-themed sets – people were ecstatic. Well, it looks like it could be a time for a whole new set of fanboys (and girls) to jump for joy. For those who didn’t know – Minecraft LEGO started off as an idea that was pitched on the CUUSOO site. It garnered over 10,000 votes before it was reviewed by LEGO and then turned into a […]