There seems to be a Blockbuster UK flyer going around that has yet to be verified as official or otherwise, so that kind of shaky road tends to lead to one of two conclusions – Blockbuster UK actually made a mistake (or someone down the command chain), releasing something that was not meant for public consumption at the moment, or it is but a false lead. If you believe and have faith like Fox Mulder, then you might want to mark October 28 on your calendars as that is when the PlayStation Vita (or PS Vita as it is more affectionately called) will be made available. This is slightly off the earlier speculated November date though.

Apparently, this flyer was sent over to IGN by an anonymous reader, and the date is (un)surprisingly similar to Sony’s global launch window. Currently, no changes were made to Blockbuster UK’s pre-order listing for the Vita, which cites the release date as “TBA.” Either way, we would say if you were to wait until Christmas, the PS Vita should be sitting nicely, all wrapped up under the Christmas tree, ready and waiting for your grubby hands to make full use of its controls.

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