Want a chance to stay in a hotel that is out of this world? And when we say out of this world, we meant that literally.


A company in Russia has revealed that they have plans for a space hotel, which has been designed by Orbital Technologies, and it will cost you quite a bit. Close to $1 million, but if you want to be specific, somewhere around $942,000. The cost of the stay in the hotel is relatively cheap compared to the trip to get there. A 5 day stay will cost you $157,000, while a round trip in the Soyuz rocket will cost you $785,000. Ouch.

Despite paying close to a million dollars, don’t expect luxury living as you will be eating microwaved food, and expect to be strapped down while you sleep. As far as shower arrangements are concerned, don’t worry as you won’t be dealing with sponge baths like actual astronauts do, but instead the water will be sealed in packets to prevent it from going all over the way.

Granted a million dollars will go a long way in netting you a super fancy beach resort, but if you have the cash to splash and you’re looking for an adventure, expect the hotel to launch (no pun intended) in 2016.

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