Not exactly the most auspicious of starts for HP’s newest webOS-powered device, have we? It seems that mobile operators in the UK are not interested to carry the HP Pre 3 smartphone despite it having arrived in Europe now. Yes sir, you read that right – not a single one of them have drawn up plans to sell the Pre 3 directly – I would suppose that this has something to do with the popularity of Android handsets as well as the upcoming iPhone 5 which will surely do a whole lot better compared to a webOS device.

Orange mentioned that they will only be carrying the Pre3 via indirect channels, while O2 was plain disinterested in the phone, touting that “We have no plans to stock Pre 3 at this time”. Vodafone also echoed that sentiment, saying, “We have no plans to offer it at present.” Three has also confirmed that they will not be holding any stock of the Pre3, and the nail in the coffin would probably be a no-show on The Carphone Warehouse site to boot.

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