No Galaxy S 2 for Verizon

Bad news for Verizon subscribers who have been itching to throw out their old phones in anticipation of the Galaxy S 2 arriving on the network. According to the latest report by Wall Street Journal, corroborated by the folks at BGR – the Samsung Galaxy S 2 won’t be carried by Big Red. At the August 29th event next week, we’ll be seeing only three new Galaxy S phones – one each for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. But that doesn’t mean Verizon users won’t be getting any high-end Samsung Android goodness this year.

Apparently Verizon will be introducing a Samsung device later this year, with specs similar to the Galaxy S 2, except that it won’t be a “Galaxy S 2” device, and might be branded as a DROID, possibly as a successor to the DROID Charge (even though the phone is only a few months old). So if you don’t see a Verizon Galaxy S 2 when Monday comes around – don’t worry too much about it.

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