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Yahoo! has just announced the release of the first beta version of Yahoo! WebPlayer. An evolution of the Yahoo! Media Player, it is a flexible and universal media player that allows people to let readers listen to music or view videos on their websites. All you have to do is add one line of code to your page and users can easily access the player which will let them view and listen to all the multimedia content on the page. Here’s how the Yahoo! WebPlayer works:


After the player is added to a site, when a page loads, the player scans the page contents and adds play buttons next to ‘playable’ items. Playable items could be references to supported media or specific recognized terms, such as movie titles. Once clicked, a play button will open a slick in-page player that will stream all the detected playable items as a unified playlist.

With the use of Yahoo! WebPlayer, there’s no more need to clutter up your page with unsightly embedded players or links to external players when sharing songs or videos. Sounds like a great idea for websites that share a lot of content. If you’re keen on finding out how to implement Yahoo! WebPlayer onto your website, just head over to the Yahoo! developer website for more details.

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