When it comes to augmented reality, there are many ways to apply its use, although most of it has been for novelty’s sake to date. Things don’t seem to change with the most recent partnership involving Zappar and Hybrid Apparel, where their Zapparel range will feature t-shirts that have designs which are brought to life as long as you view them through the looking glass known as an iPhone or Android-powered device.

An initial range of 20 different t-shirts will be paraded at first, and you can be sure that depending on the success of this line, more and more designs will be released in the future. Zapparel intends to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital, where you can always use the Zappar App to see just how “alive” your t-shirt can get.

Good thing the Zappar App is a free download from either iTunes or Android Market, depending on which operating system your device is running on. Why not check out the video after the jump to see what Zapparel is all about? [Press Release]

Martian Attack – Zapparel from Zappar on Vimeo.

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