Acne PwnerIf you have an app on your smartphone that supposedly cures your skin problems, we’ve got some bad news for you: you’ve been duped. The FTC has recently fined two developers for creating “acne cure” apps for Android and iOS. Called “AcneApp” and “Acne Pwner”, these apps claimed to be able to cure your acne by using blue and red light therapy.

The two separate apps that were available on the Android Market and Apple App Store have since been pulled and their developers fined. AcnePwner, which was on sale for $0.99 on the Android Market was downloaded approximately 3,300 times, and the developer was fined $1,700. AcneApp was on sale at the Apple App Store for $1.99 had approximately 11,600 downloads, and its developer fined $14,294. Ouch. I guess that’s what you get for tricking people into believe your lies – and charging them for it.

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