OK, for those who enjoy entertainment wrestling matches, surely you root for some heel characters, while others go for the traditional goody-two-shoes with all the relevant character qualities that make a man, well, a man. If you happen to be a fan of the masked Rey Mysterio, then you would know that this guy is surrounded by a shroud of mystery, or at least, that is the impression that he tries to give off. Surely then, even his phone is not revealed to the masses? Could it be this unannounced BlackBerry 9980 that showed up recently in an extremely clear photo?

I must say it looks butt ugly with all the sharp angles, and since it hails from a Chinese site, who am I to say that this is not some sort of clone? After all, why is there the word “PROCEEDING” engraved right on top of the rather shiny and pristine display? The keypad does look future forward though, that I must admit.

Do you think that this is the real deal, or is it just some sort of clone that was released just to create a buzz around the Internet but would bomb upon release? [Translated Page]

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