What happens when you already have a vehicle that has already picked up the X-Prize award? Well, Edison2 decided to improve on their Very Light Car (VLC) by working on an electric version. It is a no-brainer, of course, to call this particular vehicle the eVLC, where this electric concept will come with a 10-kWh battery pack, where it is touted to be “supremely aerodynamic” and will carry a quartet of passengers in relative comfort without making you feel as though the sardines you had for breakfast had it better in their tin.

According to Edison2, their eVLC concept is touted to be a whole lot more efficient than a Nissan Leaf, never mind that this vehicle has yet to go through the official EPA testing phase. Edison2 is optimistic that the eVLC has the necessary innards to end up as the highest MPGe-rated vehicle to date.

Could this be the future of the automobile, or will other more established players come into the picture and deliver something that is capable of beating out the eVLC? Seems to be an exciting development, but I believe that it will still take some time before fully electric vehicles come down in cost to be a viable alternative to fossil-fueled cars.

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