Want a surefire way to lose money and irk those who have faith in your company? Just churn out a piece of hardware that you know have absolutely no chance of survival in the current (and future) ecosystem. Some believe that Gamestop is heading down a slippery slope with plans to roll out an Android-powered gaming tablet sometime next year, and to show the world that they are serious about it, Gamestop president Tony Bartel has explained that they are already testing the sale and distribution of an unspecified Android tablet which will carry the Gamestop brand, of course, coupled with a dedicated controller peripheral.

Needless to say, this tablet will come full of mobile apps to get you started right out of the box, with the ultimate goal of letting the tablet stream full retail releases. We’re assuming that this will be done using Spawn Labs’ Player software. Apart from that, Bartel’s lips also let loose that the company will be co-operating with developers to roll out hardware-specific titles – does this mean exclusives?

Next year is still some time to go, so we will file this under the rumors section until something more concrete, like say, spyshots (blurry or otherwise) show up.

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