HP is launching the ZR2000w Series of high-performance LED-backlit LCD IPS displays with four models, including the 27″ ZR2740w (2560 x 1440 pixels). The line-up features 20″, 22″, 24″ to 27″ models that all use digital inputs and IPS technology. The main advantage of IPS technology is the ability to accurately reproduce a vast array of colors (up to 1 Billion), even at very shallow angles. Although IPS technology has been in the mass-market spotlight since it was used in the iPad, it is also used in high-end workstation displays as well. Note that not all IPS displays can reproduce 1 Billion colors. Here, only the 27″ model can.


The difference with ordinary LCD displays is usually important, if not extraordinary. Of course, there is a premium associated to IPS, and for example, an ordinary 20″ display like the current HP 2011x costs about $140. The IPS ZR2040w costs $190. The difference in percentage is relatively large, but if your job has anything to do with colors, this can be invaluable. If you work on spreadsheets, it may be harder to justify… but you should still try

The HP ZR2040w ($189), ZR2240w ($289) and ZR2740w ($729) displays are expected to be available today. I find the ZR2740w to be of particular interest as it brings most of the comfort associated with an equivalent 30″ IPS display, for about 50% of the price.

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