Having read about a girl who decided to sell her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4, just what do you think the price would be when the iPad 2 that sports 3G connectivity is released in China when Wednesday rolls around? I too wonder just how much the kid would regret for picking up a non-3G iPad 2 after selling his kidney if he knew a 3G version of the tablet would be making its way to China sometime down the road.

Those who are interested can pick up the 3G version of the iPad 2 from Apple retail stores, online stores as well as at authorized resellers across China – just make sure it isn’t some sort of fake Apple store though!

It is said that prices are similar to what we would pay for back home, except that they have been converted to the local currency. In Hong Kong though, it is slightly cheaper thanks to the tax-free status, but it should still be close enough to a fair price that smuggling such a device in to the country might not be worth the risk.

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