When it comes to TVs, especially the modern flat screened displays, is bigger better? Apparently so, but LG might be bucking the trend a bit with their latest passive 3DTV that is only 20″ in size. Having announced it in South Korea, it just goes to prove that there is a niche market who are looking for a 3DTV and yet do not want to splash insane amounts of money, as the additional dough coughed up for a few extra inches could have been put to better use elsewhere.

This particular model from LG will feature passive 3D or Cinema 3D Technology, bringing along with it a rather impressive 7,000,000:1 contrast ratio, an LED Backlight, USB connectivity, USB recording capability, and USB data access whenever you decide to pop in a USB flash drive or data device. It does not seem as though it will be making its way to the US anytime soon though, but rather, will be a localized release. Do you think there is a huge enough market that might sustain sales of such a small HDTV?

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