DaVinci 3D debuts Auto Stereoscopic 3DTV

When it comes to 3DTVs, chances are the name DaVinci 3D might not ring a bell amongst us, as we would most probably be far more familiar with the likes of Samsung, LG and Sony. Well, this has not stopped DaVinci 3D from working on a 3DTV of their own, finally debuting their Auto Stereoscopic 3DTV which they claim to be the first no-glasses “real” 3DTV. We find that claim […]

Philips 3D HDTV requires no glasses

Stereoscopic 3D has not really taken off in a big way, perhaps not as much as consumer electronics manufacturers would have liked, but I guess they want to create a market instead of waiting for one to develop itself. Having said that, there were just a couple of prototypes spotted at CES last year that required no 3D glasses to view, but those have a rather acute viewing angle for […]

Toshiba Regza 55X3 naked eye 3D TV is world’s first 4K2K model

[CEATEC 2011] Toshiba is surely making waves at CEATEC this year, where they are behind the world’s first 4K2K model known as the Regza 55X3, and what makes this particular TV special is the fact that this TV does stereoscopic 3D movies and shows without the need to wear a pair of dorky (or designer) glasses, bringing unbelievable resolution at four times that of Full HD resolution – which brings […]

LG passive 3DTV small enough to hide in a corner

When it comes to TVs, especially the modern flat screened displays, is bigger better? Apparently so, but LG might be bucking the trend a bit with their latest passive 3DTV that is only 20″ in size. Having announced it in South Korea, it just goes to prove that there is a niche market who are looking for a 3DTV and yet do not want to splash insane amounts of money, […]


LG 55LW9800 passive 3DTV receives THX 3D display certification

LG achieves another world’s first with the 55LW9800 passive 3DTV being the first 3D TV in the world that has achieved the much sought after THX 3D display certification. This nano Full LED model is extremely slim, where it will also support the LG Smart TV platform that boasts of wireless connectivity to online content all without having to go through a computer – just in case you actually run […]

Mitsubishi MR2 TVs do more than just look good

Mitsubishi Electric has rolled out their spanking new MR2 Series TV that is absolutely state of the art – we are talking about stereoscopic 3D support to keep up with the times, in addition to the ability to record all of your favorite movies over a Blu-ray disc thanks to its Blu-ray recorder, in addition to 1TB of storage space just in case you want to stash your media locally […]

Sony PlayStation 3D TV to arrive in Europe

Sony certainly wants to bring stereoscopic 3D to your living room in many ways possible, and among the methods it has used would be to introduce the PlayStation 3D TV – a new PlayStation-branded 3D display. At the moment, 3D TVs tend to be far more expensive compared to a regular LED TV in the market, but Sony hopes to lower the entry price point by introducing a smaller 3D […]

Vizio E3D series of HDTVs arrive on Amazon

Vizio has certainly achieved the sweet spot between pricing and quality where their consumer electronics devices in the US are concerned, especially their range of TVs. Well, the company’s most recent 32″ and 42″ models of the E3D series HDTVs have been seen listed for pre-order over at Amazon for $499 and $699 as predicted. If you have a fetish for model numbers, then you will be well pleased to […]

LG goes flicker free with new Cinema 3D TV range

LG has just introduced the first Cinema 3D TV range in South Korea that will offer flicker free 3D images – not only that, your eyes will also appreciate a more comfortable pair of glasses, a brighter image as well as a wider viewing angle in the comfort of your living room. Thanks to LG’s Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology that will optimize the separation of images for the left […]

LG wants to make 3D TVs mobile

LG does not only have a behemoth of a 3D TV that will be showcased at CES 2011, they also have another offering on the other end of the spectrum. Yup, the South Korean consumer electronics giant will be rolling out a new mobile digital TV that sports a 3D display, where we know it will be powered by the LG2161R MDTV chip with NRT (Non-Real Time) technology. To make […]

LG LZ9700 LED backlit 3D LCD HDTV ready to rock at CES 2011

LG, the consumer electronics giant from South Korea, will certainly intend to wow the crowds over at CES 2011 with their very own LZ9700 LED backlit 3D LCD HDTV, making it the largest in the market to date. It is able to handle both 2D and 3D content with aplomb, where the LZ9700 will be accompanied by TruMotion 400Hz for an even smoother viewing experience than before. Not only that, […]

Toshiba Regza GL1 3D TV does not require you to wear 3D glasses

Have you watched Tron in 3D already? If you haven’t done so, we would recommend you queue up for a ticket (or two) and enjoy the experience, never mind the acting and plot. Of course, entering such cinemas will require you to wear a pair of 3D glasses, but what if you could enjoy full 3D capability without having to wear such glasses? Toshiba intends to bring that experience home […]

Ad Notam delivers mirror TV that does stereoscopic 3D as well

Ad Notam, a German mirror TV pioneer, has decided to jump aboard the stereoscopic 3D bandwagon with their latest release, where it will deliver the ultimate cinematic 3D experience right in the comfort of your own living room. Both 3D and Full HD LCD experience have been merged into a customized mirror and glass solution, letting it fit nicely into your home decor which makes your place tastefully furnished. This […]

Philips Dimenco 3D TV to usher in glasses-free future

Watching a 3D movie will require you to wear a pair of active shutter glasses of sorts most of the time, but Philips thinks that is just too cumbersome, hence working together with Dimenco to reveal a 3D TV that has no need for those pesky glasses. Too bad the price of progress in this area is pretty slow, since it will only hit the consumer television market as early […]