free-london-wifi-busFor those of us who happen to take the public transport to work and back, especially when seated on a bus, you would know that the ride can be quite an adventure every single day, since there will always be different people who would hop on board alongside you, getting off at various stops to boot. It would also be extremely common to find the ordinary man use his smartphone or tablet rather than read a book or engage in a conversation on the bus, and for those of you who would like to save on your data plan, you might want to check out the Wi-Fi enabled buses that are currently on trial in London.

Transport for London (TfL) has the free Wi-Fi connection on a route 12 bus, which so happens to operate between Dulwich, south London, and Oxford Circus. Apart from that, this particular free Wi-Fi connection set up will also go on trial on a route RV1 bus, which runs between Covent Garden and Tower Hill, in central London. Having free Wi-Fi connectivity would be extremely convenient for tourists who drop by the city of London, and less so for the locals who most probably have a nice data package attached to their smartphones and tablets already. After all, mobile data roaming costs a bomb regardless of which country you come from, and free Wi-Fi on a public bus is always a nice touch.

Right now, London cabs do offer free Wi-Fi connectivity just in case you were wondering.

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