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London's Met Police To Test Facial Recognition Technology
It’s not surprising to hear about facial recognition technology being used to identify and track people that may be wanted by the law. A recent report claimed that the technology was even used at a Taylor Swift concert to track her stalkers. London’s Met Police is also trying out facial recognition technology for a limited time to search for people wanted by the law.

Amazon Launches Food Delivery Service In London
Amazon might have started off as an online retailer by selling books to customers, but over the years that it has operated, their business has evolved where they are involved in various businesses. For example not just content with delivering parcels, Amazon has recently gotten involved in food delivery.

Taxis In London Will Accept Contactless Payments Next Year
If you have ever been inside one of London’s iconic black cabs you might find yourself wondering why most of them don’t accept credit cards or contactless payment services, that’s because the required framework has not yet been put into place, but there has now been a development which makes it quite likely that taxis in London will start accepting contactless payments from next year.

Hybrid Bus Charging Technology Trial Kicks Off In London
A good city is one where it has all of the necessary infrastructure to get it going, and that includes an efficient public transport system to handle the huge number of commuters who go to work and return home to the suburbs in the same day, not to mention having plenty of tourists who would want nothing better than to soak in the entire atmosphere. Having said that, it looks […]


London Buses Begin Free Wi-Fi Trials
For those of us who happen to take the public transport to work and back, especially when seated on a bus, you would know that the ride can be quite an adventure every single day, since there will always be different people who would hop on board alongside you, getting off at various stops to boot. It would also be extremely common to find the ordinary man use his smartphone […]

Contactless Payments To Launch This September 16
Do you think that contactless payments would be the face of the future when it comes to performing transactions? After all, that is why credit cards exist in the first place, so that you carry around less cash, not to mention the Visa payWave feature letting you pay for your purchases without holding up the line. Well, Transport for London (TfL) has announced that this September 16th, your bank card […]

Heathrow Airport Sports Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5
For those of you who have flown to London before, you would most probably figure out that Terminal 5 at the Heathrow airport is the nicest of the lot there, but it seems that your next flight there would no longer see the existence of Terminal 5. Or at least, the name itself. What has happened to the largest free-standing structure in the UK over at the busiest airport terminal […]

London To Receive Own Domain Name Next Year
The thriving city of London is truly a potpourri and melting pot of people and culture, and things look set to move forward in the right direction all the more in 2014 as London prides itself in being the first city in the world to offer its very own domain name from next year onward. This means businesses, individuals as well as organizations would be in the running for the […]

Reflections From London Skyscraper Melts Car
Buildings made from metal and glass look pretty sleek and futuristic, but it seems that the result of such designs have led to unintended consequences over in London. According to a report from City A.M., reflections of the sunlight from the building have been so intense to the point where a Jaguar XJ that was parked nearby was reportedly damaged by it and showed signs that certain areas of the […]

London Signs Up For Secure Our Smartphones (SOS) Initiative
Smartphone usage levels have basically exploded all over the place in recent years, and the number is most significant in urban centers simply because the infrastructure is there, there is a bevy of apps on your smartphone which has been deemed to be indispensable to many, and of course, peer pressure would play a role, too, not to mention the want for a better life. The thing is, this has […]

London Mayor Wants Major Vendors To Help Reduce Smartphone Theft
Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, has written to major smartphone vendors urging them to increase their efforts to reduce smartphone thefts. A similar letter was also written in May by the New York State Attorney General.

Samsung Livestreaming Its Galaxy, ATIV June 20th Event
Samsung's event happening in London on June 20 will be livestreamed.

iTray Drone Food Servers Being Introduced In London Restaurant
A restaurant chain in London is expected to start using drones as food servers.

These Masks Can Give You Superhuman Hearing, Sight
The idea of having superhuman powers is one I’m sure many of you can relate to as being able to fly, superhuman strength and invisibility are some of the powers you’ll probably want to have. But a group of students at the Royal College of Art in London created a set of masks that offer as close as an experience to having superhuman powers as you’ll probably get in your […]

Nokia Unveiling New Lumia On May 14
Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop hinted a new Nokia Lumia should be expected to be announced ‘later this quarter‘ a few weeks ago, with a rumor of the device possibly being unveiled today. That rumor turned out to be false as we have yet to hear of any announcement for Nokia’s future Lumia, but we did receive an invite for an event happening on May 14 in London.The invite has the words “The […]

HTC Announces February 19 Launch Event Possibly For The HTC M7
We heard last week HTC was planning to launch its HTC M7 at a dedicated media event on February 19 and not during MWC, and wouldn’t you know it, an invite to an HTC event taking place in New York City made its way to our inbox. And you guys wouldn’t believe the date of the event. February. Nine. Teen.Yes – it looks as though previous reports of HTC launching its HTC […]

London's Mobile Phone Theft Rate Rises To 300 Stolen Per Day
Walking around with your phone in your hand while reading a text or email might be safe where you live, but just even having headphones on will probably get you mugged as a smartphone is probably on the other end of them. We saw reports of iPhone & iPad theft rise in New York City around this time last year, and things aren’t any better over in London as an insane […]

London Fire Brigade To Launch World's First 999 Emergency Twitter Feed
The London Fire Brigade is planning to take things a bit further by launching the world’s first 999 emergency Twitter feed to monitor fires in the city. The news comes after LFB’s recent publication of its Integrated Risk Management Plan which sets out how the fire and rescue service in London will be delivered over the next few years. The LFB says that it is looking into the use of social […]

London Buses Now Supporting NFC Payments
London is going high-tech. Just a year after outfitting Wi-Fi on its buses, the city is now upping the ante by introducing NFC payments on its 8,500 buses. Starting today, Transport for London or TfL, the local government body responsible for the city’s transport system, is replacing Oyster cards with NFC-enabled debit cards, hereby putting an end to an era of using electronic ticketing, which didn’t quite appeal much to […]

BlackBerry London specifications leaked
Are you looking forward to just what RIM (Research In Motion) has in store for the masses with their BlackBerry 10 platform, especially the L-Series of devices which comprise of the London, Lisbon and Laguna? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, here is a little bit of good news for you – leaked specifications for the BlackBerry London have arrived, where it is tipped to come with a […]