Electric vehicles are great as they’re zero emissions vehicles, but then again there is the problem of how long the batteries are able to last, and not to mention the fact that charging points are few and far in between – even more so when you want to drive to the outskirts. Well, having said that, electric vehicles also aren’t known to be performance on the asphalt, but Morgan and Zytek intends to change that with a new high performance electric vehicle.

We’re talking about a lightweight aluminum body that you see above with a 70kW electric motor inside – where this people mover has been dubbed as the Electric Morgan +E. It is going to be an extremely rare vehicle since only two of them will be made, but assuming the experience ends up in a favorable manner, “further developments” might be in the pipeline.

It is nice to know that the +E shall retain the original motor-powered SuperSports’ manual transmission, so that energy will be used in a far more efficient manner that directly results in an increase in the vehicle’s range. Not only that, it will also pave the way for lower gearing for rapid acceleration from pull-away and higher gearing for top speed.

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