There is a huge advantage in being the world’s first for anything, and among them include all the accolades and admiration – if you pull it off correctly, that is. Well, Marshall Electronics will certainly bask in the glory of knowing they have just released the first autostereoscopic 3D monitor in the world, known as the ORCHID OR 70-3D. Yes sir, this glasses-free 7″ portable/camera-top monitor was unveiled at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam, and it works great without the need for passive or active glasses, and will see action as a camera viewfinder or portable 3D production display.

How is this “miracle” achieved? Well, Marshall has relied upon parallax barrier and lenticular hybrid technology, allowing the OR-70-3D to deliver superior 3D images with 1,600 x 600 screen resolution. In order to calibrate the 3D environment in a precise manner, the OR-70-3D delivers dual real-time Waveform and Vectorscope, not to mention a host of other 3D analysis features including Check Box, Difference, Blending, and Compare amongst others.

There is also an integrated mux and independent loop-through that does away with the need for an additional external converter. A delay-compensated horizontal mirror flip will be able to support both channels respectively. Similar to most of the other portable monitors from Marshall, this version will be able to support large battery adapters and 0.25″-20 mounting for mobility and flexibility.

Now for the big question that many people always ask – how much will something like this cost? Well, the OR-70-3D will sing to the tune of $7,899 as it ships this coming October 1st. Of course, this will be far superior to the standard Nintendo 3DS display just in case you were wondering. [Press Release]

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