Ovi Store revamped as Nokia Store

Last month we reported that the Ovi Store website was no longer using the Ovi logo, and had the Nokia logo instead. Now it looks like the transformation of the Ovi Store has been taken another step further. Nokia has announced on its official blog that the Ovi Store app has been rebuilt and renamed to  the Nokia Store. The app has been rebuilt from the ground up using Qt, […]

Spotify arrives on Nokia smartphones

We have read about Ford integrating the Spotify music service into their vehicles, and it seems as though the tentacles of Spotify is set to expand and unfurl even further by making its way to Nokia smartphones. This online service holds more than 15,000,000 tracks in its database, with around 10,000 new tracks being added to the database every single day. The music library is available for streaming as long […]

Ovi logo removed from Ovi Store website

Back in May, Nokia announced that it will be getting rid of the Ovi brand – and it looks like the change has started. If you visit the Ovi Store now, you’ll realize that the Ovi logo is now gone and has been replaced by Nokia’s logo instead. The web page title has also been renamed to Nokia Store. However, the URL for the store remains the same and the […]

Foursquare for Symbian updated – out with the old, in with the new

Do you love checking in using Foursquare? After all, it is a whole lot cheaper compared to checking in to a particular hotel and paying a couple of hundred dollars each night, right? Good news for Symbian-powered phone owners who are using Foursquare – the app has just been updated to the latest version, which means the old app has already stopped working, so thankfully the latest version available over […]


Nokia Ovi Store has 50,000 apps and hits 6.5 million daily downloads

The BlackBerry App World has hit the one billion download mark, but Apple’s App Store has outdone its rival by 15 times the amount, which is extremely impressive. Well, Nokia’s Ovi Store isn’t quite dead yet, where it currently plays host to 50,000 apps as well as achieving 6.5 million downloads per day, so it would take less than half a year to touch the magical 1 billion mark.

Climate Mission 3D – play a game, save the planet

If your smartphone is your favorite mobile gaming platform, then you might want to consider picking up a Nokia since it offers the Ovi Store that delivers Climate Mission 3D – for free. This is one educational game that has received some favorable comments from users, where it will educate you on how to further reduce your carbon footprint, not to mention having the opportunity to donate to a charity.Climate […]

Voice Translate Pro turns your Nokia phone into a translator

A developer named Fumbo has recently released an app on the OVI Store called Voice Translate Pro. Following in the footsteps of Google’s Translate app, it brings an easy to use and convenient voice translating service to Symbian devices. Funnily enough, it makes use of Google’s very own Translate API so it’s pretty much the same thing – just that it’s done by someone other than Google.Users select the languages […]

Ovi Store updated: now supports in-store updates

It’ll be awhile before Nokia gets rid of the Ovi name, but until then it looks like it is still providing updates for its Ovi programs. The Ovi Store has recently got an update with a major new feature – the ability to update the apps within the store itself. Following in the footsteps of the Apple App Store and the Android Market, this new feature will make it easier […]

The Ovi Store is very popular in China

According to a report posted on the official Nokia blog, it appears that Nokia’s Ovi Store is the most popular app store in China, beating out 13 other app stores that are available in the country. The research showed that 65.2% of the Chinese population in China preferred to download their apps from Nokia’s Ovi Store, while China Mobile’s Mobile Market comes in a close second at 57.7%. What’s surprising […]

OpenTable for Nokia helps you book your favorite restaurant on-the-go

There is nothing like wining and dining your way during a date, but what happens when you do not have the time to make a reservation at the city’s hottest spots? Firstly, get a Nokia handset that is powered by Symbian and download OpenTable for Nokia which is available from the Ovi Store. This well established online restaurant booking service will cater to over 13,000 restaurants in the US, UK, […]

Nokia X5 And C5 Go Official In China

Looks like the whispers about the Nokia X5 were true, as Nokia has unveiled two new TD-SCDMA phones for China Mobile, the Nokia C5 and X5. Both devices will support 3G on China Mobile and will offer the first jointly-run mobile application store, the Mobile Market-Ovi Store. The X5 is a candybar phone that is powered by Symbian. Features aren’t too bad as it offers a 5-megapixel camera with dual […]

Nokia Ovi Store offers motion-based applications and games

Nokia Ovi Store has added motion-based applications and games to the mix, hoping to jump onto the wave of games that has made the iPod touch and iPhone such successful portable gaming platforms. For those who are curious, we would point you towards eyeCall – where you move your hand in front of the camera to silent an incoming call, while covering the phone with your hand will send the […]

Skype Now Available For Nokia Smartphones Via The Ovi Store

Skype is certainly one of the more useful services on the Internet, and almost anyone who uses it regularly will be able to tell you the cost benefits of using Skype over your normal cellular call. With that in mind, is Nokia nailing the coffin on regular cell phone calls with the announcement that it will be offering a native Skype client in its Ovi Store? With such a move, […]

Ovi Store Off to a Rocky Start

Over the week-end, we have received word from several countries that Nokia’s Ovi Store had finally open and experienced a few network problems – due to the success of the store, says Nokia. Shortly after launching the Ovi Store at 2 am ET, we began experiencing extraordinarily high spikes of traffic that resulted in some performance issues for users accessing store.ovi.com and store.ovi.mobi. We immediately began to address this issue […]