You might think you have fast and furious skills behind the wheel to get away from a heist alongside cops in cars, but don’t forget that the cops have a network of policemen all over the country, and they can organize road blocks in addition to calling in firepower from the air to hunt down an escaping car. What you see above is America’s first police gyroplane – and while it is not a new idea, it will be the first of its kind for the police force if implemented across the board.


It will be a far more affordable alternative to helicopters, where this light sport aircraft is capable of delivering the same kind of utility as a chopper, but sans the high cost. You won’t look that cool sitting in it, and I must say you would leave yourself open to enemy gunfire, but at least it can be scrambled within short notice, climbing at 13 feet per second with a top speed of 115 mph as it scours the skies to look for someone who’s driving their very best to escape ground forces.

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