When we first covered the flexible Samsung Galaxy Skin back in June, it was presented as a pure design concept. Thanks to its flexible AMOLED display, the Galaxy Skin was thought about as a phone that can take on many shapes: clamshell, bracelet, elongated… Somehow, International Business Times (ibt) claims that this concept will turn into a real product which will launch in Q2 2012. As you can imagine, the rumor is going through the web like a wildfire.Although flexible AMOLED displays have been demonstrated, bendable or wearable devices  have yet to show up, even in the shape of reasonably working prototypes. Also, while the screen may be flexible, the rest of the phone like the battery, processor, memory, connector, wires etc… may not be – at least, until they get small enough to not mind about the bending nature of their host. At the very least, you should take those rumors with a good pinch of salt.

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to speculate about the near future, here’s what the Galaxy Skin specs are supposed to be:

  • 4″ 800×480 flexible AMOLED
  • 8 MP camera + VGA camera
  • 1.2Ghz processor, 1GB of RAM
  • 1500mAh battery

What do you think? Would you want a multi-shape phone to start with? What would you do with it?

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