The great outdoors is always an adventure that not all families enjoy – others pretty much prefer a more comfortable outing at a holiday resort that has everything done and prepared for you, although I must say that if you want to build character, then camping is a must – it also reminds me of those Calvin & Hobbes comics that only Calvin’s dad seemed to enjoy while the rest of the family suffers under the rain.

With the Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer, however, your outdoor adventures will be made all the more bearable thanks to it being a multi-functional compact camping trailer. Want to spend the night out in the middle of a lake? No problem – after all, if floats on the water just like a boat. In order to get it into the water though, you will need to hitch it on your car, and have a sufficiently cleared shoreline in order to begin your adventurous camping trip on water.

There is a tiny outboard electric motor that ensures you will be able to return to shore without making makeshift paddles or training beavers to heave you and the trailer back on land, while double sealed air chambers ensure you won’t wake up with fishes swimming all around your head.

Too bad the Sealander Amphibious Camping Trailer will be released only in 2012, but at least that will give you time to save up the $20,400 or so required to have one of these puppies in your garage, with different combinations and configurations to choose from.

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