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One of the great things about today’s video game consoles is the fact that their firmware can be updated to fix bugs, patch holes and introduce new features without you having to buy a new system. One of the bad things about these patches is that you’re sometimes forced to download them in order to keep playing, and when it’s a major update, it might take a long time. For some people it isn’t a problem, but for other people who can only spend an hour a day gaming – wasting half an hour just to patch their system is a major bummer.

Fortunately Sony Computer Entertainment recognizes this issue, and Shuhei Yoshida, the company’s president of Worldwide Studios, addressed this issue in a recent interview he had with Game Informer. According to Shuhei, they are aware of the issues and will be addressing them with the PlayStation Vita. He didn’t divulge any details on how it was going to happen, but it isn’t related to the frequency of the updates, rather – it’s the intrusiveness of the updates.

This should mean that we’ll have some sort of background downloader that only updates the console when it’s sleeping or even while a game/movie is running? Who knows, but you can at least take comfort in knowing that even Sony didn’t intend for the current updates to be intrusive on purpose. Read the full interview with Shuhei Yoshida.

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