Sprint Mobile Hotspot add-on plan
Sprint’s been increasing its prices a lot recently – first it was the early termination fee, then it was the upgrade fee and now it looks like they’re about to deliver another blow to its customers. The folks over at SprintFeed managed to get their hands on an internal document detailing the changes to its Mobile Hotspot Add-On plan. According to the document, folks who use their phones as mobile hotspots will be given a 5GB limit for internet sharing purposes.

This change will affect both existing and new customers, so for those of you who use your phones to share your internet connection a lot – keep an eye out on your data usage. Usage above the 5GB limit will incur charges of $0.05 per MB. Fortunately, this new data cap is only for shared data and users’ unlimited data plans will be left untouched.

But folks who have been using this $29.99/month plan to keep their notebooks or non-3G devices connected to the internet on the road might feel the pinch. This new Mobile Hotspot Add-On plan will take effect next month, starting October 2nd. What do you think of the change?

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