Team Fortress Arcade
Getting tired of Team Fortress 2‘s 3D gameplay? Wish you could enjoy the game, but as a side-scroller instead? Well, your wish has been granted. Eric Ruth, the brilliant mind behind Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead (a 2D version of the zombie shooter) has returned with a new game, and this time it’s a demake of Valve’s popular team-based game, Team Fortress 2. Instead of seeing the gun bob up and down in front of your face, you get to see your character from a third person view instead.

Featuring gameplay similar to Double Dragon and other retro side-scrolling games, Team Fortress Arcade lets users play as every class available in the original game. But instead of facing human-controlled opponents, you’ll be facing off against computer AI-controlled enemies. Everything is redone to suit a 2D gaming style, so while the moves might feel familiar, they work differently.

An online multiplayer mode will be available in the future, but for now you’ll just have to share your keyboard with a friend if you want co-op play. Team Fortress Arcade is available now as a free download (ZIP). Check out a hands-on video preview of the game:

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