Unfortunately for laptop users, the fans found in laptops certainly cannot be compared to the fans found in desktop computers. This is probably due to size being a limiting factor, not to mention the way laptops are positioned on tables, well it’s just asking to be overheated. Laptop coolers help to deal with overheating but sometimes even your standard laptop cooler may not be strong enough, especially if you’re running a gaming laptop rig that produces a lot of heat due the rig working furiously to churn out optimum performance.

The good news is that Thermaltake has designed a laptop cooler for gamers and their gaming laptop rigs in mind with the Massive 23 GT. The fan is LED-lit as pictured above and it looks like it would go great with the lights on Alienware gaming laptops. The huge 200mm fan comes with a speed control knob that apparently allows you a range of fan speeds from 500-800RPM.

As with most laptop coolers, the Massive 23 GT is elevated and its angle can be adjusted to your personal preference. The surface also features sections made out of rubber to prevent your expensive rig from slipping and crashing to the floor. Unfortunately Thermaltake has yet to announce a price or date of availability, but for more information (and photos), head on down to Thermaltake’s website.

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