SenseME Smart Ceiling Fan

Not all ceiling fans are created the same, as you can tell by the Haiku with SenseME ceiling fan, which is touted to be the first of its kind in the world. This is a unique addition to any home, where it will boast of an on-board computer and an array of sensors to help it get going. After all, for those of us living in tropical countries where the […]

USB-Powered Neck Cooler Seems Perfect To Beat The Summer Heat

This USB-powered neck cooler can help you beat the summer heat, as long as you can withstand the stares you’ll get.

Helicopter gets inverted as ceiling fan

All right, I will be a straight arrow with you here – we are not talking about an actual helicopter being put to better use (relatively speaking) as a ceiling fan, but rather, a 1:6 scale of the Hughes MD 500 helicopter that has been turned upside down thanks to the efforts of a certain Raffaele Iannello. The result of this piece of creativity would be an inverted helicopter which […]

Thermaltake Massive 23 GT laptop cooler for gamers

Unfortunately for laptop users, the fans found in laptops certainly cannot be compared to the fans found in desktop computers. This is probably due to size being a limiting factor, not to mention the way laptops are positioned on tables, well it’s just asking to be overheated. Laptop coolers help to deal with overheating but sometimes even your standard laptop cooler may not be strong enough, especially if you’re running […]


Airsketcher Robotic Fan reads a room, zooms in on target

A fan that can read? Just what the heck is the world coming to these days? What you see above is the Airsketcher Robotic Fan that will feature a camera located right smack in the center of the fan, where said camera will be used to read various patterns that are printed on cards. Imagine a smart fan that is capable of tracking a particular person in the room, focusing […]

Dock Fan for iPhone keeps you cool

Now we all know that the iPhone is no doubt one of the coolest phones in the world, with the ability to do everything thanks to the fact there’s an app for pretty much anything. But there are some things that even an app can’t do – like keeping you cool on a hot summer day. You’ll need some hardware to do that, and that’s what the folks at Japan […]

Star Wars inspired home looks awesome

I’m not a massive fan of Star Wars, but I know how to appreciate a work of art when I see one, and this Star Wars themed home belonging to a fanboy in Hawaii fits into that category. This home taking up 10,000 square feet, this spaceship inspired home is bound to make any Star Wars fan jump for joy just by stepping into the house. It is littered with […]

Thermaltake cools you down with mobile fan

Thermaltake is more often than not associated with cooling fans for computers, but here is something that will cater for those who want some relief from the sweltering summer heat – the Thermaltake mobile fan. This standard case fan has been enclosed in a standalone wire frame, making it a dedicated human cooling system that is powered via USB. While it retails for $25 thereabouts, you might think twice before […]