Do you drive or pilot an X-Wing? I guess with what you see above, it is a case of the former – as Instructables user The Papier Boy cobbled together this unique (and adorable) looking derby car which will also come with its very own R2-D2 droid unit at the back. It isn’t too eco-friendly though, since the spinning droid is made up of Styrofoam, but top points for the artwork.

An old NES controller was used to control the spinning of R2’s head, where a dismantled toy’s switch was rerouted through the NES controller, allowing the droid to spin for a good 15 seconds or so whenever the A or B buttons on the refurbished controller was pushed. Audio is provided from downloaded R2-D2 sound effects, where the Pinnacle movie studio software was used to ensure all of them are strung together into a 50-second MP3 file that is subsequently loaded onto an iPod and hooked up to a small portable speaker system.

Neat! This seems to look like a very interesting weekend project – are you up for it?

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