Zeal Optics Z3 GPS Goggles
While most people wear goggles to keep their eyes protected when they’re out skiing, for some folks it just isn’t enough. Zeal Optics has announced the introduction of its new goggles that come with built-in GPS. Called the Z3 GPS Goggles, these goggles enable users to capture their position wherever they go. Want to plot a map of all the areas you’ve conquered while skiing? These goggles are just for you.

The Z3 has the capability to capture your location data in 3D to give you all the stats you’ve ever wanted while skiing. In addition to recording where you’ve been, the Z3 GPS Goggles also time you, measure your speed, altitude, and temperature of your surroundings as you attempt your downhill adventures. The Z3 GPS Goggles also pack enlarged polarized in-molded anti-fog lenses that are said to reduce 99.9% of glare from the sun to reduce eye fatigue, and automatically adjusts to varying light levels.

The Z3 is controlled by a wireless remote that can be worn on the wrist, arm or goggles strap, and data can be transferred to Windows and Mac computers. Runs can be plotted and played back on 3D Google Earth and shared on Facebook and Twitter. The Zeal Optics Z3 GPS Goggles will set you back $549 and can be purchased from Zeal Optics as well as specialty retailers and other online stores worldwide.

[Press Release]

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