A-Solar Travel PalSolar-powered chargers aren’t uncommon nowadays and are pretty good alternatives to regular chargers, especially for people who are always on the go or outdoors all the time. Well, A-Solar has come up with a new charger called the Travel Pal. What makes it different from other chargers is its multi-functionality. Besides housing an internal battery that stores power and charging your USB devices (i.e. phones and tablets), it also works as a safety device.

The A-Solar Travel Pal features an attached torchlight which you can use to light up dark places, as well as a loud, audible alarm which you can use to scare off attackers or use to signal people to your location. Small enough to keep inside your pocket or backpack at all times, the Travel Pal really is a travel pal for everyone – be it in a foreign country or in a jungle.

The Solar Pal also comes with a whole bunch of connectors to charge devices that don’t normally come with USB cables i.e. feature phones, portable consoles etc. It weighs only 90grams and its internal battery has a capacity of 800mAh. It takes about 11-14 hours to charge a mobile phone via sunlight, depending on the phone’s battery capacity.

The A-Solar Travel Pal has a price tag of €29.00 ($40) and is available now.

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