One of the cooler vehicles from the Imperial Forces in the Star Wars franchise (on land, anyways) would be the imperious AT-AT Walkers that made short work of other land forces. Actually when you think about it, the droid army in the first three episodes of Star Wars would probably be able to shoot far better than human Stormtroopers, don’t you think so?

Not only that, the kind of war machines in Attack of the Clones seemed superior to what you see in Return of the Jedi, as the Ewoks proved victorious on their own home ground. Well I digress – designer Christopher Aleria came up with this 4WD modification of the AT-AT, where it would most probably rumble on and squash a few Ewoks under its weight along the way without a care in the world. Luke Skywalker’s harpoon technique? Pffffh! This remote controlled rig an AT-AT Walker gone off road, sporting huge chunky wheels that make it far more stable than walking on all fours. Definitely one of the cooler user created variants we’ve seen.

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