It is rather interesting to see a society like Japan being highly advanced, and yet they too have some of their funnier moments in terms of gizmos released. Case in point, the $131 (after conversion, of course) Eye Slack Haruka that was specially designed to reduce unsightly bags under pre-teen eyes. Who would have thought that pre-teen eyes would end up with eyebags, unless said teen spent the entire night out without the parental units’ knowledge? A couple of CR2032 cell batteries are required to power this strange looking gizmo, where it can be set to run in two modes – “hard” and “soft.”


“Hard” mode would result in small jolts of electricity being sent into your eyes, making sure that your eyes receive enough energy while “Soft” mode will vibrate and massage the area around your eyes gently, making it sound like the mode I would jive with most of the time. Just bear in mind that there is no guarantee this thing would work, so caveat emptor applies here.

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