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Fun's 'We Are Young' Covered By Old Computer Parts
As much as I wanted to not enjoy Fun’s “We Are Young“, I have come to admit that it’s quite the popular song and I should just let the kids have their popular music and I’ll tap my finger to it every so often. How popular is We Are Young? Well, popular enough for someone to go through the trouble of having their old tech collecting dust in their garage […]

Eye Slack Haruka rids of eyebags - oh, really?
It is rather interesting to see a society like Japan being highly advanced, and yet they too have some of their funnier moments in terms of gizmos released. Case in point, the $131 (after conversion, of course) Eye Slack Haruka that was specially designed to reduce unsightly bags under pre-teen eyes. Who would have thought that pre-teen eyes would end up with eyebags, unless said teen spent the entire night […]

Cocktail typewriter lets you "drink" your words
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to eat – no sorry, scratch that – what it’s like to drink your words? Well if you have the time, patience and dedication that morskoiboy had, you may be able to. Apart from the novelty of being able to “drink” your words, you will also be able to have fun mixing various cocktails simply by typing them out.

Turn Your iPad 2 Invisible With The Invisibility App
Magic tricks with the iPad and iPhone never cease to amaze me, and with the Invisibility app, while technically not really that much of a magic trick, sure makes a pretty good party trick, or perhaps to give you an edge in those endless “Apple vs Android” debates. At the very least we’re expecting your Android friends to put down their tablets and wow over the app for at least […]


Tama-Robo rolls towards the light
If creating Mousey the Junkbot is too much hassle for you (I know it was to me) you can give the Tama-Robo a go. This cute little robot comes in a round see through ball that allows it to move all over the place with ease. And where does it move to? To the brightest source of light, of course. Paired with a torch light in a suitably-lit area, you […]

Robot mice make great pets
Have you always wanted a pet but felt like you wouldn’t have the responsibility or prolonged interest to take care of it? Robot pets like the Sony Aibo have been created to fill this void in your life, but nobody really wants to throw around wads of cash for something that they’ll lose interest in after a few weeks right? Introducing Mousey the Junkbot. This cute little mouse robot is […]

Sing Along Tongs make cooking fun
Love spending plenty of time in the kitchen to whip up something delicious for your family? How about having some fun with the Sing Along Tongs – a pair of these will feature a securely locked 14″ microphone, helping you belt out your favorite tunes while you prepare a salad. Of course, with all the saliva coming out from your mouth while singing, it doesn’t make for a hygienic tool, […]