It seems that Google Voice and iOS 5 do not play nice with each other, after numerous customers who made the jump to iOS 5 (I wonder how many of the 20 million were affected)made complaints about Google Voice crashing. According to one who posted his grievances on an online forum, “After updating to iOS 5, the Google Voice app began to crash continuously. It received push notifications perfectly, but I was unable to open the app to see them because it would crash immediately upon opening, before even displaying any graphics.”

Google Voice Product Manager Vincent Paquet is aware of the situation, where he informed users late last week that the Internet search giant has “found the sign in bug and have come up with a fix. We are testing it and will release an update as soon as we can.” I guess that was somewhat a premature statement as Paquet made another appearance on the support forum and sounded off online that “we have removed the app from the App store so it does not impact more users. We’ll have a new one ASAP.”

At least Google Search, Books and Earth apps are still hanging around the Apple App Store. Were you one of those who were affected?

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