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Drone Crashes Near Major Highway In Florida
We know how sensitive the topic of drones are these days, especially we’re going to consider trusting them being food servers or delivering our pizzas without killing anyone in the process. As “fun” as those drones are, there are some scary ones out in the real world that have the ability of taking anyone out at a moment’s notice. One of these not-so-deadly drones has reportedly crash landed and exploded next to […]

First Texting While Flying Case Linked To Deadly Commercial Crash
Texting while driving may be two activities that we all can agree shouldn’t mix, especially if you’re driving a school bus or if you’re double-texting with a baby and drugs in your vehicle. But we think texting while flying is probably even more dangerous, especially now that such a case is being linked to a fatal crash.Back in 2011, an emergency medical helicopter flying over Missouri was found to be sending and […]

Google Voice removed from Apple App Store after iOS 5 crash
It seems that Google Voice and iOS 5 do not play nice with each other, after numerous customers who made the jump to iOS 5 (I wonder how many of the 20 million were affected)made complaints about Google Voice crashing. According to one who posted his grievances on an online forum, “After updating to iOS 5, the Google Voice app began to crash continuously. It received push notifications perfectly, but […]

Burnout Crash has giant lobsters. What the heck?
The ousted Burnout Crash game is not the same Burnout you remembered in Burnout Paradise. At its core is still a racing game that glorifies speeding along at high octane speeds and beautifully reckless crashes, but it’ll also have some really strange gaming twists.According to an ESRB rating post on Burnout Crash, the game will have cartoon graphics, giant UFOs and massive lobsters. Here’s what the official rating description says:This […]


Inflatable crash helmets stay hidden until needed
If you’ve ever disliked the idea of wearing helmets while biking because it messes with your hairdo – you’re not alone. Well, a Swedish design company named Hövding has come up with a special crash helmet that resembles nothing like a helmet – until activated. This will allow you to look as stylish as possible while riding a bike (you can simply cover the huge neck collar with some sort […]

New Mac OS X update released for 2010 13" MacBook Air
When the Mac OS X 10.6.7 update was released last week, in addition to the incompatibilities it caused with NVIDIA’s Quadro 4000 graphics cards, it introduced a major issue to the 2010 MacBook Air 13″ computers: the notebook would just crash whenever it ran iTunes. Nothing would cause the computer to respond except a forced shutdown via the power button. If you’ve been having these crashing problems, or you have […]

3DS Hit With "Black Screen of Death" Crash Error
After what appears to have been a very successful launch for Nintendo in both the U.K. and the U.S. over the weekend, it appears reports of a “black screen of death” are plaguing many new 3DS systems. The black screen of death reported on popular game forums such as NeoGaf are stating that when games are put into “suspend mode,” the 3DS locks up and crashes, resulting in the error […]

CA eTrust update 33.3.7051 can disable Windows systems
CA has had some issues with the 33.3.7051 update of its eTrust anti-virus software: the updated started to flag critical system files and some of its own files as being infected (they were not) and sending them to quarantine. That was enough to disable some computers, and once you’re in that state, it’s pretty hard to fix it remotely. We’re not quite sure how CA intends to proceed. The current […]